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Symmetry. Design. Value.
A teardrop-shaped handle is divided into two identical panels by a vertical ridge line, reflecting contemporary flair. This flatware pattern is extremely resistant to corrosion and chemical damage, yet refined and attractive.

  • 18% Chrome Stainless Steel
  • Quality finish
  • Outstanding durability
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B735FDEF Salad/Dessert Fork Length: 7 IN.
B735FEUF Table Fork, European Size Length: 8 1/8 IN.
B735KPVF Table Knife, 1-Pc. Length: 9 3/8 IN.
B735SDEF Oval Bowl/Dessert Spoon Length: 7 IN.
B735SITF Iced Teaspoon Length: 8 IN.
B735SRBF Round Bowl Soup Spoon Length: 6 6/8 IN.
B735STSF Teaspoon Length: 6 IN.
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