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Dynamic and animated, Brio is charged with energy and spirit. This shape projects a wine’s highest aspirations with the natural elegance it deserves. The visually articulate geometry of the bowl allows wine to breathe and speak to the guest.Generous surface area in the bowls and tall elegant stems convey a luxurious first impression. This shape is ideal for upscale wine lists and dynamic environments.
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A934183 A934183 Bordeaux (26 oz. ) Width: 3 3/8” IN. Height: 10 7/8” IN.
A934895 A934895 Burgundy (30 3/4 oz.) Width: 3 3/8" IN. Height: 9 7/8" IN.
A934185 A934185 Cabernet (18 1/2 oz.) Width: 3 1/4” IN. Height: 10 3/8” IN.
A934189 A934189 Chardonnay (14 1/2 oz.) Width: 3 1/4” IN. Height: 9 3/4” IN.
A934186 A934186 Champagne (9 1/4 oz.) Width: 2 7/8" IN. Height: 10 5/8" IN.
A934012 A934012 Long Drink (15 1/2 oz.) Width: 2 1/2" IN. Height: 5 7/8" IN.
A934017 A934017 Double Rocks (12 1/2 oz.) Width: 3" IN. Height: 3 1/2" IN.
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