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Sant' Andrea

A dramatic, steep leaf embossed with hand-carved textures creates an impressive showcase for food presentations. Created by award-winning European design team Queensbury-Hunt, Botticelli appeals to both casual and fine dining settings.

  • Limited 3-year no-chip warranty
  • Bright white porcelain body
  • 9" plates have ergonomic back
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R4570000118 R4570000118 Plate Length: 6 3/8 IN.
R4570000127 R4570000127 Plate Length: 7 1/4 IN.
R4570000134 R4570000134 Plate Length: 8 3/8 IN.
R4570000136S R4570000136S Plate (Rim Square) Length: 8 1/2 IN.
R4570000139 R4570000139 Plate Length: 9 IN.
R4570000147S R4570000147S Plate (Rim Square) Length: 9 7/8 IN.
R4570000149 R4570000149 Plate Length: 10 1/4 IN.
R4570000151 R4570000151 Plate (Coupe) Length: 10 1/2 IN.
R4570000152 R4570000152 Plate Length: 10 5/8 IN.
R4570000154 R4570000154 Plate (Euro Deep) (52 oz) Length: 11 IN.
R4570000155 R4570000155 Plate Length: 11 IN.
R4570000159 R4570000159 Plate (Deep) Length: 11 1/3 IN.
R4570000162 R4570000162 Plate Length: 11 7/8 IN.
R4570000167 R4570000167 Plate Length: 12 1/2 IN.
R4570000359 R4570000359 Platter (Rim Rectangle) Length: 11 3/8 IN. Width: 7.00 IN IN.
R4570000367 R4570000367 Platter Length: 12 1/2 IN. Width: 9.25 IN IN.
R4570000383 R4570000383 Platter Length: 14 1/2 IN. Width: 10.75 IN IN.
R4570000384 R4570000384 Platter (Rim Rectangle) Length: 14 1/2 IN. Width: 7.00 IN IN.
R4570000500 R4570000500 Saucer Length: 6 IN.
R4570000505 R4570000505 Saucer A.D. Length: 4 1/2 IN.
R4570000512 R4570000512 Cup (Tall) (9 1/2 oz.) Length: 3 IN.
R4570000525 R4570000525 Cup A.D. (3 1/2 oz.) Length: 2 IN.
R4570000531 R4570000531 Cup (Stackable) (9 oz.) Length: 2 3/4 IN.
R4570000572 R4570000572 Mug (12 oz.) Length: 3 3/4 IN.
R4570000705 R4570000705 Bouillon (Stackable) (9 oz.) Length: 3 3/4 IN.
R4570000710 R4570000710 Fruit/Condiment Length: 4 1/8 IN.
R4570000740 R4570000740 Soup Rim Deep (30 oz.) Length: 9 1/4 IN.
R4570000751 R4570000751 Pasta Bowl (50 oz.) Length: 10 5/8 IN.
R4570000760 R4570000760 Bowl Cereal (15 oz.) Length: 5 1/2 IN.
R4570000785 R4570000785 Bowl Pasta (51 oz.) Length: 11 7/8 IN.
R4570000795 R4570000795 Bowl Pasta (Top Hat) (24 oz.) Length: 12 IN.
R4570000797 R4570000797 Bowl Deep (35 oz.) Length: 8 IN.
R4570000804 R4570000804 Creamer (6 oz.) Length: 2 3/4 IN.
R4570000808 R4570000808 Creamer (10 oz.) Length: 3 1/4 IN.
R4570000906 R4570000906 Packettes Sugar Length: 3 3/4 IN. Width: 2.75 IN IN.
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