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Bright White


This classic selection of economically appealing shapes with clean lines and generous rims includes styles to suit all basic dining needs. Durable Rolled Edge dinnerware will deliver years of service at the lowest possible replacement costs. Narrow Rim is perfect for operations where grand servings of food are the trademark.

  • Limited 1-year no-chip warranty
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F8000000562 (R4130000562) F8000000562 (R4130000562) Mug C-Handle (11 oz.) Length: 3 3/4 IN.
R4110000111 R4110000111 Plate NR Length: 5 1/2 IN.
R4110000118 R4110000118 Plate NR Length: 6 3/8 IN.
R4110000125 R4110000125 Plate NR Length: 7 1/4 IN.
R4110000139 R4110000139 Plate NR Length: 9 IN.
R4110000143 R4110000143 Plate NR Length: 9 1/2 IN.
R4110000150 R4110000150 Plate NR Length: 10 3/8 IN.
R4110000345 R4110000345 Platter NR Oval Length: 9 3/4 IN.
R4110000359 R4110000359 Platter NR Oval Length: 11 1/2 IN.
R4110000375 R4110000375 Platter NR Oval Length: 13 1/8 IN.
F8000000710 (R4110000710) F8000000710 (R4110000710) Fruit Narrow Rim (4 1/2 oz.) Length: 4 5/8 IN.
R4130000111 R4130000111 Plate RE Length: 5 1/2 IN.
R4130000117 R4130000117 Plate RE Length: 6 1/4 IN.
R4130000124 R4130000124 Plate RE Length: 7 1/8 IN.
F8010000132 (R4130000132) F8010000132 (R4130000132) Plate RE Length: 8 1/8 IN.
R4130000139 R4130000139 Plate RE Length: 9 IN.
R4130000145 R4130000145 Plate RE Length: 9 3/4 IN.
R4130000149 R4130000149 Plate RE Length: 10 1/4 IN.
R4130000163 R4130000163 Plate Nouveau Cuisine Length: 12 IN.
F8010000323 (R4130000323) F8010000323 (R4130000323) Platter RE Oval Length: 7 IN.
R4130000344 R4130000344 Platter RE Oval Length: 9 5/8 IN.
F8010000352 (R4130000352) F8010000352 (R4130000352) Platter RE Oval Length: 10 5/8 IN.
R4130000361 R4130000361 Platter RE Oval Length: 11 3/4 IN.
R4130000373 R4130000373 Platter RE Oval Length: 13 1/4 IN.
R4130000387 R4130000387 Platter RE Oval Length: 15 IN.
R4130000500 R4130000500 Saucer Vassar Length: 5 1/2 IN.
R4130000502 R4130000502 Saucer Briarcliff Length: 6 IN.
R4130000504 R4130000504 Saucer Big Length: 6 1/4 IN.
R4130000505 R4130000505 Saucer A.D. Oxford Length: 5 IN.
F8010000511 (R4130000510) F8010000511 (R4130000510) Cup Vassar (7 oz.) Length: 4 IN.
R4130000515 R4130000515 Cup A.D. Oxford (2 3/4 oz.) Length: 3 1/2 IN.
R4130000524 R4130000524 Cup Big (12 oz.) Length: 5 1/4 IN.
F8000000560 (R4130000560) F8000000560 (R4130000560) Mug Cafe (8 oz.) Length: 4 1/4 IN.
R4130000561 R4130000561 Mug Union (7 1/2 oz.) Length: 4 1/2 IN.
F8010000700 (R4130000700) F8010000700 (R4130000700) Bouillon U/H (7 oz.) Length: 3 7/8 IN.
R4130000710 R4130000710 Fruit (3 1/4 oz.) Length: 4 1/4 IN.
R4130000711 R4130000711 Fruit (6 1/4 oz.) Length: 4 3/4 IN.
R4130000720 R4130000720 Grapefruit Rolled Edge (12 oz.) Length: 6 1/2 IN.
F8000000730 (R4130000730) F8000000730 (R4130000730) Nappie Rolled Edge (11 oz.) Length: 5 IN.
F8000000731 (R4130000731) F8000000731 (R4130000731) Nappie Rolled Edge (13 1/2 oz.) Length: 5 3/4 IN.
R4130000740 R4130000740 Soup Rim Deep (11 oz.) Length: 9 IN.
R4130000790 R4130000790 Bowl Pasta (Bright White RE) (44 oz.) Length: 11 3/8 IN.
R4130000803 R4130000803 Jug (Handled) (4 1/3 oz.) Length: 3 1/2 IN.
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