Lancaster Garden ® Blue


Blue toile is always a traditional favorite and this charming interpretation captures the classic design on a smooth, white body. Combine with any of the Lancaster Garden ® patterns for a cheerful presentation.
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L6703061152 L6703061152 10 1/2" Blue Plate Width: 10 1/2 IN.
L6703061132 L6703061132 8" Blue Plate Width: 8 IN.
L6703061119 L6703061119 6 1/2" Blue Plate Width: 6 1/2 IN.
L6703061761 L6703061761 15 oz Blue Bowl
L6703061760 L6703061760 10 oz Blue Bowl
L6703061520 L6703061520 6 oz Blue Tea Cup
L6703061500 L6703061500 6" Blue Saucer Width: 6 IN.
L6703061342 L6703061342 9 3/4" Blue Oval Plate Width: 9 3/4 IN.
L6703061861 L6703061861 26 oz Blue Tea Pot with lid
L6703061860 L6703061860 12 oz Blue Tea Pot with lid
L6703061730 L6703061730 7 oz Blue Bowl
L6703061560 L6703061560 13 oz Blue Mug
L6703061942 L6703061942 3" Blue Dish Width: 3 IN.