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Designed specifically to go directly from the oven to table, the Fireglow Cook 'N' Serve collection will add flair and excitement to your menu items. Superior heat retention means hotter, tastier food.

  • Limited 3-year no-chip warranty
  • Twice fired, cream white body
  • Microwave safe
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F1580000610 F1580000610 Ramekin (1 1/2 oz.) Length: 2 1/2 IN.
F1580000611 F1580000611 Ramekin (2 1/2 oz.) Length: 3 IN.
F1580000612 F1580000612 Ramekin (5 oz.) Length: 3 2/3 IN.
F1580000622 F1580000622 Welsh Rarebit (8 oz.) Length: 8 IN. Width: 4.25 IN IN.
F1580000624 F1580000624 Welsh Rarebit (12 oz.) Length: 9 1/4 IN. Width: 5.19 IN IN.
F1580000632 F1580000632 Baker Oval (11 oz.) Length: 6 1/4 IN. Width: 4.25 IN IN.
F1580000634 F1580000634 Baker Oval (17 oz.) Length: 6 3/4 IN. Width: 5.50 IN IN.
F1580000640 F1580000640 Casserole (11 1/2oz.) Length: 4 5/8 IN.
F1580000642 F1580000642 Casserole (15 oz.) Length: 5 1/8 IN.
F1580000660 F1580000660 Fry Pan Server (12 oz.) Length: 10 IN. Width: 7.38 IN IN.
F1580000662 F1580000662 Fry Pan Server (18 oz.) Length: 11 3/4 IN. Width: 8.31 IN IN.
F1580000692 F1580000692 Shirred Egg (12 oz.) Length: 8 1/3 IN. Width: 6.75 IN IN.
F1580000695 F1580000695 Baking Shells Large (8 oz.) Length: 6 IN.
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