Oneida Food Service

Our Oneida University gives you a one-stop destination to “go to school” on subjects ranging from proper table setting, dinnerware essentials, flatware and a compilation of best practices from the food service industry. Bookmark this page so you can refer back often for answers to questions and decisions that repeatedly comes up in the daily life of a busy hospitality professional.

Use & Care

When properly cared for, Oneida’s products will provide extra-long service while looking great. We offer a number of recommendations for handling, washing, rinsing and storage so you may maximize the life and value of your product investment.

Table Setting Guide

This guide will show you the proper flatware, dinnerware and drinkware table placements for any type of restaurant or dining situation. From casual to luxury, breakfast to dinner, this is an excellent tool to refresh your skills or to use as a staple in training service staff.

Oneida Glossaries

This extensive resource identifies and defines key terms within tableware and the foodservice industry as a whole. A library of information, this resource includes a Silversmith’s Glossary, Dinnerware Glossary and a Glassware Glossary.


Have questions? We have answers! Explore this comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to unveil the information that you are looking for.


Reinvent your service, products or tabletops after gleaning inspiration, motivation and ideas from Tablescapes. This fantastic source of images displaying our products in use is your idea board for translating fresh creativity and style into your establishment.