Lexia features contemporary curves enhanced by the Oneida Relicâ„¢ finish. The trademark finish boasts a weathered, organic look that provides a sophisticated appeal to this heavy weight pattern.
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B576STSF B576STSF Teaspoon Width: 6 3/8 IN.
B576SDEF B576SDEF Oval Bowl Spoon Width: 7 1/4 IN.
B576SBLF B576SBLF Bouillon Spoon Width: 6 1/4 IN.
B576SITF B576SITF Iced Teaspoon Width: 7 3/8 IN.
B576SADF B576SADF AD Coffee Spoon Width: 4 5/8 IN.
B576STBF B576STBF Table Spoon/Serving Spoon Width: 8 1/2 IN.
B576FDNF B576FDNF Dinner Fork Width: 8 1/4 IN.
B576FDEF B576FDEF Salad Fork Width: 7 3/8 IN.
B576FOYF B576FOYF Oyster Fork Width: 5 5/8 IN.
B576KDTF B576KDTF Table Knife Width: 9 3/8 IN.
B576KBVF B576KBVF Butter Knife Width: 7 IN.
B576KDAF B576KDAF Dessert Knife Width: 8 1/4 IN.
B576KSSF B576KSSF Steak Knife Width: 9 3/8 IN.