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Knit ®


Knit ® delights your senses with a deliberate use of subtly "tea stained" nuances and warm white shapes. Your guests will appreciate that tactile feel of the reactive glaze erupting along the plate edges, and the soothing neutral canvas to frame their meal. Like finely woven linen, Knit dresses tables for success.
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L6800000157C L6800000157C 11 1/4" Round Coupe Plate Width: 11 1/4 IN.
L6800000152C L6800000152C 10 1/4" Round Coupe Plate Width: 10 1/4 IN.
L6800000133C L6800000133C 8 1/4" Round Coupe Plate Width: 8 1/4 IN.
L6800000123 L6800000123 7" Round Coupe Plate Width: 7 IN.
L6800000118C L6800000118C 6 1/4" Round Coupe Plate Width: 6 1/4 IN.
L6800000325 L6800000325 7 1/2" Oval Plate Width: 7 1/2 IN.
L6800000323 L6800000323 6" Oval Plate Width: 6 IN.
L6800000321 L6800000321 4" Oval Plate Width: 4 IN.
L6800000759 L6800000759 6" 8 OZ Oval Bowl Width: 6 IN.
L6800000753 L6800000753 4.25", 3 OZ Oval Bowl Width: 4 1/4 IN.
L6800000773 L6800000773 78 OZ, 9.5" Round Bowl
L6800000761 L6800000761 6.25", 18 OZ, Round Bowl Width: 6 1/4 IN.
L6800000750 L6800000750 6 OZ, 3.75" Round Bowl
L6800000348 L6800000348 10 1/2" Rectangular Plate Width: 10 1/2 IN.
L6800000340 L6800000340 8 1/2" Rectangular Plate Width: 8 1/2 IN.
L6800000336 L6800000336 6 3/4" Rectangular Plat Width: 6 3/4 IN.
L6800000763 L6800000763 9 " Deep Round Bowl Width: 9 IN.
L6800000762 L6800000762 8" Deep Round Bowl Width: 8 IN.
L6800000760 L6800000760 6" Deep Round Bowl Width: 6 IN.
L6800000758 L6800000758 11oz Bowl
L6800000752 L6800000752 4.25", 7 OZ, Round Bowl Width: 4 1/4 IN.
L6800000530 L6800000530 6oz Coffee Cup
L6800000500 L6800000500 5 1/2" Saucer Width: 5 1/2 IN.
L6800000560 L6800000560 9oz Mug
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