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COMING SOON: Lofty and artful, created for wine connoisseurs by wine sommeliers. The unique aereating design brings micro-oxidation technology to the glass, revealing complex flavor compounds in fine wine. Amore’s shape is designed to reveal hidden flavors from even the most mature complex wines. Each bowl shape and style has been developed to offer an unprecedented flavor experience.
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A935083A A935083A Red Wine (23 3/4 oz.) Width: 4 1/8” IN. Height: 10" IN.
A935083 A935083 Red Wine (20 oz) Width: 4 3/8" IN. Height: 8 5/8" IN.
A935084A A935084A White Wine (16 1/2 oz) Width: 3 3/4” IN. Height: 8 1/2” IN.
A935084 A935084 White Wine (12 1/4 oz.) Width: 3" IN. Height: 9 1/4” IN.
A935090A A935090A All Purpose (14 1/4 oz.) Width: 3 1/2" IN. Height: 8 5/8" IN.
A935186 A935186 Champagne (8 oz.) Width: 2 7/8" IN. Height: 97/8" IN.
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