Blended tones of porcelain create an organic, layered and highly individualized aesthetic that we call Marble. Accepting and unifying food and nature, Marble offers a perfect surface to celebrate the farm and the table.
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L6200000117C L6200000117C Plate (Coupe) Width: 6 1/4" IN.
L6200000139C L6200000139C Plate Coupe Width: 9 IN.
L6200000133 L6200000133 Plate Raised Rim Width: 8 1/4 IN.
L6200000156 L6200000156 Plate Raised Rim Width: 8 1/4 IN.
L6200000500 L6200000500 Saucer (fits: 530) Width: 6 1/8" IN.
L6200000530 L6200000530 Stack Cup
L6200000700 L6200000700 Bowl
L6200000371 L6200000371 13" Platter Raised Rim Width: 13 IN.
L6200000775 L6200000775 10" Soup Bowl Width: 10 IN.
L6200000702 L6200000702 5 1/2" Soup Bowl Width: 5 1/2 IN.
L6200000560 L6200000560 New Mug
L6200000753 L6200000753 10" Round Deep Coupe Bowl Width: 10 IN.
L6200000754 L6200000754 9" Round Deep Coupe Bowl Width: 9 IN.
L6200000155CR L6200000155CR Coupe Plate, 11"
Length: 11.00 IN.
L6200000705 L6200000705 Stacking Bouillon, 4" (8 oz.)
Length: 4.00 IN IN.