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Nexus ®

Sant' Andrea

Nexus ® is the very first Wedgwood(R) Hotel Porcelain collection. The unique, arcing Nexus decoration adorns the fashion-forward Trapeze shape. Created by the world-renowned English design team of David Queensberry and Martin Hunt, Nexus on Trapeze is a daring statement in contemporary tabletop style.

  • Cutting edge shape design and decoration
  • Three-year limited no chip warranty on round items
  • High fire bright white porcelain glaze - enhanced resistance to scratching & metal marking
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W6050000900L W6050000900L Covers (For 900)
W6052344115S W6052344115S Plate (square) Length: 5 7/8 IN.
W6052344117 W6052344117 Plate Flat (Round) Length: 6 1/4 IN.
W6052344136S W6052344136S Plate Flat (Square) Length: 8 1/2 IN.
W6052344139 W6052344139 Plate Flat (Round) Length: 9 IN.
W6052344149 W6052344149 Plate Flat (Round) Length: 10 1/4 IN.
W6052344154S W6052344154S Plate Flat (Square) Length: 10 3/4 IN.
W6052344155 W6052344155 Plate Flat (Round) Length: 11 IN.
W6052344163 W6052344163 Plate Flat (Round) Length: 12 IN.
W6052344330 W6052344330 Platter (Rectangle) Length: 7 7/8 IN. Width: 6.25 IN IN.
W6052344359 W6052344359 Platter (Rectangle) Length: 11 3/8 IN. Width: 6 7/8 IN IN.
W6052344372 W6052344372 Platter (Rectangle) Length: 13 IN. Width: 9.00 IN IN.
W6052344500 W6052344500 Saucer Length: 6 1/4 IN.
W6052344505 W6052344505 Saucer Espresso Length: 4 3/4 IN.
W6052344515 W6052344515 Cup Espresso (3 11/16 oz.) Length: 3 1/2 IN.
W6052344530 W6052344530 Cup (Stackable) (10 oz.) Length: 4 3/4 IN.
W6052344563 W6052344563 Mug (Stackable) (12 1/2 oz.)
W6052344710 W6052344710 Fruit (Round) Nexus (12 3/4 oz.) Length: 5 1/4 IN.
W6052344711S W6052344711S Fruit (Square) (15 7/8 oz.) Length: 5 2/3 IN.
W6052344720 W6052344720 Soups/Cereal (Round) (25 3/4 oz.) Length: 6 1/4 IN.
W6052344736 W6052344736 Bowl (Round) (45 1/2 oz.) Length: 8 1/2 IN.
W6052344741S W6052344741S Soups/Cereal Deep (Square) (27 7/8 oz.) Length: 6 1/4 IN.
W6052344742S W6052344742S Bowl Salad Deep (Square) (67 3/8 oz.) Length: 8 IN.
W6052344751S W6052344751S Bowl Pasta Deep (Square) (49 oz.) Length: 9 7/8 IN.
W6052344758 W6052344758 Bowl Salad Deep (Round) (25 1/2 oz.) Length: 8 7/8 IN.
W6052344790 W6052344790 Bowl Pasta Deep (Round) (47 3/4 oz.) Length: 11 IN.
W6052344805 W6052344805 Creamer (5 5/4 oz.) Length: 4 1/4 IN.
W6052344862 W6052344862 Teapot (21 oz.) Length: 7 IN.
W6052344900 W6052344900 Bowl w/Cover (11 3/4 oz.) Length: 4 IN.
W6052344982S W6052344982S Bowl Dip (Low Square) (3 3/4 oz.) Length: 3 1/2 IN.
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