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Strata Replacement Pieces


Strata is based on a visually and functionally coordinated system of interchangeable components and accessories with replacement pieces available.
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ST11610110 ST11610110 Storage Case (rectangle) (fits ST11602111, ST11602112) Length: 24 1/2 IN.
ST11610111 ST11610111 Storage Case (square) (fits ST11602116) Length: 16 1/2 IN.
ST11612101 ST11612101 Bumpers for bases/decks (set of 12)
ST11612102 ST11612102 Feet for bases/decks (set of 4)
ST11612103 ST11612103 Replacement Drawer (fits ST11602111)
ST11612104 ST11612104 Replacement Drawer (fits ST11602115)
ST11702016 ST11702016 Grate Stainless (warming) (1 grate) (fits ST11702012, ST11702013, ST11702014, ST11702015)
ST11702017 ST11702017 Grate Stainless (saute) (1 grate) (fits ST11702012, ST11702013, ST11702014, ST11702015)
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