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Noblesse Chafers-Urns S/S


Elegant. Understated. Versatile.
Crafted in a contemporary style that adapts well to many decors, Noblesse Stainless Holloware is distinguished by its smooth, sleek lines and highly reflective finish. A wide assortment of shapes and sizes is available to fit your fine dining needs.

  • 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Contact your Oneida Sales Representative for replacement parts and accessories
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J0010801A J0010801A Coffee Urn, 3 Gal., Ht. 23.5" Height: 23 1/2 IN.
J0010811A J0010811A Coffee Urn, 5 Gal., Ht. 26.5" Height: 26 1/2 IN.
J0010821AR J0010821AR Coffee Urn, 1.5 Gal., Ht. 17" Height: 17 IN.
J0016311A J0016311A 4 Qt., Round, w/90º Roll Top Cover, 13" Length: 13 IN.
J0016331A J0016331A 4 Qt. Round for 90º Roll Top Cover (Food Pan)
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